Training Services- $575.00 Month

Starting Under Saddle

Trainer Adam Hoon has developed an excellent reputation in the local equine community as a trainer who can put a solid foundation on any horse. With almost 20 years of hands-on equine experience, Adam has also learned techniques from the best natural horsemanship trainers in America. He believes that horses are not "one size fits all" when it comes to learning. Adam will take the best techniques and meld them to fit your horse's needs. Regardless of your discipline of choice, your horse can benefit from someone who can effectively teach confidence, willingness, responsiveness and softness. His firm but patient approach in handling horses creates an equine partner who will want to continue learning. A minimum of 60 days is recommended for horses without at least 30 days of previous professional training under saddle.

Problem Solving

After many years of training experience, Adam has worked with and solved a variety of equine behavior issues. Biting, kicking, rearing, bucking, charging, bolting, spooking, disregarding cues, attacking other horses on the trail, climbing fences, laying down, trailer loading refusals, avoiding capture...the list goes on and on. When your horse exhibits an unwanted behavior, it can often be a result of miscommunication between you and your horse. Not only will Adam retrain your horse into the correct behavior patterns, he will work patiently with you as the owner to show you how to prevent those problems from returning. You are always encouraged to visit your horse while in training and, once we have the horse properly trained, you will receive supervised, patient instruction on how to maintain your training investment at home.

Advanced Under Saddle

Once your horse has the basics of under saddle training, we can take him to the next level as a competitive trail or endurance mount. Jumping, crossing bridges, endurance training, competitive trail, roping, mounted shooting, river crossings, advanced desensitizing...the limits are only within your horse's physical capabilities and your own imagination. Let us know your specific needs, and we will customize a training plan for you!

Training Rate - $575 per month, includes rough board